Al Murray's happy hour idents.

featured in campaign - 'private view.' - 15-Feb-08

Finally, some brilliant idents for Bombardier (1). It's sponsoring Al Murray's Happy Hour and has created a fruit machine of Englishness to celebrate this. In each spot, the machine spins and creates different combinations of all things wot are proper English. The first one I got was "It's like Del Boy flogging Brighton Rock to Henry VIII". It all fits neatly with its line: "Drink of England." These are nothing short of great, in a medium where it's easy to fall flat or be downright irritating. As Mr Forsyth pointed out, they would also be good online, so let's hope they end up there, too.

CREATIVE - Ben Priest, founding partner, Adam & Eve

Some of the better creative around today is in idents - for some reason, the format's constraints of time and consistency is unlocking something richer. This work from Bombardier (1) is no exception, and, in fact, some of the best - this is a great mechanic with, literally, many engaging permutations. Inexpensive to produce and even better to invest in longevity.

CREATIVE - Justin Billingsley, brand marketing director, Orange



CREATIVE DIRECTOR - Pete Circuitt de la Bitstate.

DESIGN- Bill Sneed.

ANIMATION - Pete Circuitt / Bill Sneed.

PRODUCTION - Sean Costello - TEG

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