this a solo project. i modeled most things in cinema 4D but some of the character animation was done in motionbuilder. the sets and compositing were, for the most part, created in after effects. My friend ellie logan drew the weather girl for me and she's great. The track was written by plastic operator and if you feel inclined you can buy it on 12" vinyl and from i-tunes. the video will also be available on i-tunes soon. i hope you like it.

quicktime 07 / T : 3 mins / 14 sec / S : 21 mbs :.

thanks to

ellie for a great weathergirl drawing, guy fraser for being a fella to bounce ideas off, a few online forum fellas for excellent advice + tips with C4D - and tania for lots of nice late nite snacks.



director : Pete Circuitt

rigger / animator/editor/compositor : Pete Circuitt

illustration : ( weather girl : Elle May Logan )

illustration : ( geek : Pete Circuitt)

production : Pete Circuitt

Music : Plastic Operator


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