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zombies nudists - attack.

A4 illustration. 3D + unfinished.


the zombie poses are basic and i would like a limb or two to be missing. this is a 3D render and a cell look i want to get right for future animation treatments. The author of the male 3D mesh is unknown to me but the female mesh is made by Radek Nowakowski.


tiny wee zombies.

A4 illustration. 3D + unfinished.


this is inspired and adapted from that scene in the new dawn of the dead when that little girl is a zombie and approaches her parents bedroom in order to eat their brains, they are asleep and dont know about all the zombies in the world outside yet . . .


this is also about tweaking a render treatment however this one takes almost 20 mins a frame.


frasay - portraits of my mates.

A4 portrait.


rico - portraits of my mates.

A4 portrait.


evil clown van .

A4 - photograph + graphic.



some random dude .

A4 - this is a test and really is in the wrong place i suppose - method handmade sculpy guy composited into 3D photobooth as a treatment test for an idea i have for an animated short.





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